Headless mode

Bugjar can also operate in a headless mode. This can be use to debug processes running on a remote machine (although it also works on local machines).

In headless mode, Bugjar is split into two parts:

  • The Net: a headless backend responsible for debugging code
  • The Jar: the GUI used to inspect code.

To debug in headless mode, you first start a headless debugger (the net) on the process that you want to debug:

$ bugjar-net myscript.py arg1 arg2

Then, on the machine that you want to visualize the debugging session, you start the user interface (the jar), and attach it to the net:

$ bugjar-jar –host example.com

If the net and the jar are running on the same machine, the --host example.com argument can be ommitted.

Unlike local mode, when you quit the debugger, the script will not be terminated by closing the jar. If you close the jar, and reopen a new session, the GUI will resume where it left off. The net is responsible for running the script; when the net is stopped, the script will be terminated.